VGOD Iced Apple Bomb SaltNic

VGOD Iced Apple Bomb SaltNic

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VGOD Iced Apple Bomb SaltNic

VGOD’s Iced Apple Bomb SaltNic Pakistan is one of our finest and best price SaltNic in Pakistan. We are delivering this top quality VGOD’s Iced Apple Bomb SaltNic in Pakistan to your doorstep at best price. SaltNic in Pakistan is one of our best selling VGOD SaltNic in Pakistan.

Iced Apple Bomb is a multi-layered burst of a juicy Granny Smith apple at the start of the pull that progresses into a rich sour tartness of a sweet candied sour apple belt and finishes with a smooth iced menthol. VGOD’s Iced Apple Bomb SaltNic is for low wattage refillable devices only.

Quantity : 30ml

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