Heng balance lamp

Heng balance lamp

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Heng balance lamp
Heng Balance Lamp - Ellipse
Mystery Black
A unique lamp with switch in mid-air
The Heng balance lamps are a series of standing lamps for example on the table or as a night light.
You can operate the lamp with two magnetic balls. When you lift the bottom magnetic ball, it will be attracted by the upper ball so the light goes on. In addition, the balls will keep each other in balance which gives a cool face.
The Heng Lamp has an easy and manageable size, making it easy to use in different rooms in the house.
In balance
"Heng Balance Lamp" is a series of desk lamps with a twist: where most lamps have a standard switch the Heng Balance Lamp is controlled by two magnetic balls. When you lift the lower magnetic ball, it will be attracted by the hanging one and remain suspended in mid-air, switching on the light.
This creative small lamp is suitable for the study, bedroom, etc. Most types of rooms will benefit from this lamp, as besides a source of light it is also a piece of art.
We adopted a design where the lighting element is embedded into the frame so the light can find its way out. The gentle curve makes it easy to the eye and calming.

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