5 in 1 Vegetable Fruit Slicer Presser

5 in 1 Vegetable Fruit Slicer Presser

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5 in 1 Vegetable Fruit Slicer Presser

Experience the original quality of Nicer Dicer Quick 5 in 1 Cutter Set in a handy handheld format.
The Nicer Dicer Quick combines all the advantages of the handy cutter, the blades can be combined to cut thick slices, thin slices, dice, and wedges
Simply insert the food to be cut, press and everything will be done perfectly in seconds
Works well for soft or hard foods like zucchini, tomatoes, mushrooms, eggs, lemons, and much more
Sharp stainless steel blades are reinforced for fast and consistent results
Very fast and efficient for cutting fruits and vegetables
Works ten times faster than using normal knives for slicing and dicing
Easy to clean can be disassembled and placed in the dishwasher for a regular cycle
Storage container with lid (200 ml)

  • 1 x Nicer Dicer Quick
  • 3 x blades
  • 1 x blind frame
  • 1 x Food storage container
  • 1 x lid

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